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Besides carrying out routine electrical, mechanical and chemical test-checks, our manufacturing process and quality control measures include following additional features.

  • 1. Tandem Resistance annealing of bare copper wire and mechanical de-scaling of all incoming wire-rods on modern Rod Breakdown Machine.
  • 2. Modern Ultrasonic Die Cleaning and Maintenance Equipments.
  • 3. Modern filtration systems for filtration of wire drawing lubricants and good quality lubricants to ensure good finish on bare wires.
  • 4. Viscous and dry type oil filters in series to eliminate dust particles from entering into Wire Enamelling Department. This helps substantial improvement of die-electric, pinhole, thermal and chemical properties of finished enamelled wires.
  • 5. Wire Enamelling plants equipped with catalytic burning of vapors in re-circulating type of ovens, which provide ideal baking conditions in the curing zone of the plants. This imparts excellent mechanical, electrical and thermal properties to the Magnet Wires.
  • 6. Use of inline (tandem) wire drawing machines for improved bare wire and better speeds, larger packing.
  • 7. Use of solid dies for wire enamelling to ensure concentricity of the insulation film.
  • 8. Use of load cell to ensure proper tension at the time of spooling finished wire.
  • 9. Use of metering pumps for wire enamel discharge and automatic synchronization of line speeds with pumps.
  • 10. We manufacture our own Wire Enamels as per specially prepared formulations to suite our machinery needs and to ensure consistency of our product.
  • 11. Our products have good elongation and low spring back making them suitable for high speed automatic coil winding and insertion machines.
  • 12. In addition to various standard Quality Control Equipments, we are also equipped with additional instruments to carry out the following tests:
    • » Thermo-plastic Cut-through
    • » Continuity for pin-holes upto 3000 Volts at 120 l a
    • » Die-electric under elevated temperatures
    • » Die-electric apparatus upto 15 KV
    • » Freon bomb calorimeter
    • » Freon extraction apparatus
    • » Tan-delta determination apparatus
    • » Abrasion tester
    • » Spring back testers
    • » Special ovens for thermal endurance
    • » High voltage tester for wound stators.