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Ordering Information

We need the following information from our valued clients to understand fully your requirement and deliver the right product :

    • Wire Size nominal diameter in mm or SWG or AWG.
    • Conductor: Copper or Aluminium.
    • Type of Insulation and thermal class, e.g. PolyesPolyester-imides 180 or Dual coated Polyester + Polyamide-imide Class 200 or Polyurethane solderable, Class 155, etc.
    • A grade of insulation (thickness), e.g. Grade 1 or 2 or 3, or Single, heavy or triple.
    • Specification reference: e.g. IEC 60317-8 or IEC 60317-13 or NEMA MW 1000-Part 24C.
    • Packing: Spool size required (for specific Type please refer to Delivery Spools).
    • Net Quantity: Quantity of Wire required, e.g. 2500 kg.


For any other special requirement, please address your query to our Marketing Department in Mumbai by e-mail